This book “How Creativity Rules the World” is a favorite of mine. I love the stories that Maria tells and how she makes the connections with her extensive art history background and how creative artists were when it came to birth new creative ideas as well as how these ideas can lead to success in business. I read this book two years ago and really enjoyed it thoroughly.

I’m on Maria’s email list and each Tuesday she sends out “The Groove” her weeky email – This week’s email subject line” Your Formula for Sustaining Success “

She relates to the famous artist Titian.

Maria shared ” The path to mastery is paved with the stones of practice. With each repetition, we refine our skills, deepen our understanding, and unlock new insights. 

It’s through this relentless dedication to practice that we not only hone our craft but also uncover the depths of our potential. In the journey of learning, practice isn’t just a means to an end—it’s the very essence of progress.”

Unlocking Success: Lessons from Titian for Artists Building Their Business

Titian’s story, born in the quaint town of Pieve di Cadore around 1490, resonates deeply with those striving for excellence in both their artistic and business endeavors. While the specifics of his birth remain shrouded in mystery, his enduring impact on the art world speaks volumes about his dedication and approach to his craft.

Maria eloquently outlines four key habits that were instrumental in Titian’s success, habits that we can all integrate into our own lives to foster growth and achievement.

  1. Mastery Through Practice: Titian’s relentless commitment to practice served as the cornerstone of his mastery. Each brushstroke was not just an act of creation but a step towards refinement and innovation. In our own studios, dedicating time to regular practice sessions allows us to hone our skills, deepen our understanding of our craft, and unlock new realms of creativity. For instance, I make it a habit to sketch daily, exploring different techniques and styles to push my boundaries and evolve as an artist.
  2. Stepping Outside of Your Comfort Zone: Titian’s willingness to explore new territories and embrace challenges set him apart as a visionary artist. Similarly, we must push ourselves beyond familiar confines to truly grow. Whether it’s experimenting with a new medium or exhibiting our work in unconventional spaces, stepping outside of our comfort zone fosters resilience and opens doors to unexpected opportunities. Personally, I recently ventured into digital art with sketching in Procreate on my ipad, initially daunting but ultimately rewarding as it expanded my artistic horizons.
  3. Nurturing Your Relationships: Titian understood the importance of cultivating meaningful connections, both within the artistic community and beyond. Building strong relationships not only fosters collaboration but also provides invaluable support and guidance along our journey. Whether it’s attending art events, joining local artist groups, or simply reaching out to fellow creatives, investing in relationships enriches both our personal and professional lives. I’ve found that networking not only opens doors to new opportunities but also fosters a sense of belonging within the creative community.
  4. Embracing a Mindset of Flexibility and Resilience: Titian’s ability to adapt to shifting landscapes and overcome adversity underscores the importance of flexibility and resilience in our own lives. In the face of challenges, maintaining a positive outlook and embracing change with grace allows us to navigate turbulent waters with resilience. As artists navigating the ever-evolving art market, cultivating a flexible mindset enables us to seize opportunities and weather storms with unwavering determination. Personally, I’ve learned to embrace setbacks as learning experiences, using them as fuel to propel me forward on my artistic journey.

Maria Brito’s article offers a profound insight into Titian’s life and principles, reminding us that success is not merely a stroke of luck but the result of disciplined habits and unwavering dedication. I highly recommend reading the full article on her website for a deeper dive into Titian’s legacy and the lessons we can glean from it.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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