Nicole and Nate’s Live Wedding Painting Ceremony, at the Barker House,
Scituate, MA 20 x 24″ oil painting

Nicole’s Review:

Everyone should have a live painter for their wedding and everyone should hire Linda! From the moment we hired her until we got the painting she was attentive and so easy to work with! Everyone at the wedding was mesmerized as she painted the scene! Her work had MULTIPLE guests In tears. We loved having her at our wedding and we are so happy with the final result! She was even able to put our two labs in the painting! I knew I wanted a Live Painter for my wedding and I had searched and searched until I found Linda. From the moment I saw her work I knew she was the one I wanted. Her attention to detail is UNMATCHED! She was able to capture ever single detail perfectly from the chandeliers to my dress to even the tattoo on my arm! If you have thought about a live painter THIS IS YOUR SIGN to get one!

photo credits: Amanda of Shore Shotz,

It was the first weekend of the New Year and we had two weddings back to back in Massachusetts. We arrived at the Barker House in Scituate for Nicole and Nate’s wedding on Friday night. The room was bathed with natural light which set the perfect background for the festivities. As the ceremony unfolded against the backdrop of a setting sun, the interior lights cast a comforting warmth over the room. Loved ones gathered to witness the union of Nicole and Nate.

Prior to the ceremony, Nicole and I had discussed capturing an intimate moment. With her vision in mind, I set to work, leveraging my skills and imagination to transform the blank canvas into their wedding masterpiece.

Through out the service I took many photos and videos, however, I ended up capturing the image I wanted after the ceremony while Nicole and Nate were outside just about to take a ride through town in a horse-drawn carriage. How romantic!

Finding the “perfect shot” for the pose can be quite challenging, as I go though the images and videos, I look for how my couples connect with each other. Often times it’s looking into each other’s eyes. This creates a dynamic energy in the composition. Other times I maybe mixing two photos together to capture that perfect pose.

Below is a photo of Nicole, Nate and their two beautiful dogs, captured by their wonderful photographer, Amanda of Shore Shotz. A few days after the wedding Nicole and I discussed adding their two dogs into the painting, it wasn’t in the original plan but realizing how important their pups were it felt like the right choice to include them.

Back in my studio I continued to refine the painting in acrylics until I felt it was as far as I could take the acrylic paints. Then I move over to adding several layers of oil paints. One of my favorite parts of the process of adding those layers of oil paintings is that the oils take longer to dry which allows more time to blend, creating beautiful glowing effects from the lights and give the painting an overall softer feel.

Once the painting was finished I sent over a photo to Nicole and Nate for their review.

Nicole’s Reaction when viewing the photo of the finished painting:

“I have tears in my eyes right now! It is absolutely AMAZING! I just showed Nate and we are over the moon! We absolutely LOVE IT! The dogs came out perfect!! Thank you so so so much! “

The next step will be framing and shipping the painting – I can’t wait for them to see their wedding painting in person and have it ready to hang on their wall in their home. A treasure to last forever and a visual reminder of their amazing wedding day!

Thank you for sharing in this journey of capturing love on canvas. I feel honored and blessed to meet so many wonderful couples and honoring their love through my artistic abilities.

If you are interested in a live wedding painting or capturing a special moment in your life on canvas please reach out by email or fill out the contact form. I would be happy to start a conversation.

This Moment Captured Forever.