Live wedding painting is a unique and artistic way to capture the essence of a wedding ceremony, reception or an intimate moment. A professional artist attends the wedding in person and creates a painting of the event as it unfolds in real time.

A skilled professional artist aims to capture the atmosphere, emotions, and details of the day.

It serves as both a form of entertainment for the guests and a lasting, tangible keepsake for the newlyweds, offering a personalized and timeless representation of their special day.

What is Live Painting?

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Live WEdding Painting

Join me on my YouTube channel to witness my incredible live painting process in action. Explore the world of artistry as I transform moments into masterpieces right before your eyes. 

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We are beyond happy with our decision to hire Linda to create a live painting of our wedding ceremony. She was very friendly and so easy to work with. Even a month later when people talk about the wedding they mention how amazing she was! We also purchased a frame so that it would be ready to hang once we got it. I was at a loss for words when we got to see the final product. I hung it up immediately and still love to just walk by to look at it."

"I cannot recommend her enough!


Linda was amazing to work with. She was so sweet and always quick to respond. The scheduling and planning process was seamless. She also helped us with framing and shipped the painting right to our home. We are so happy we chose Linda as our live painter. Truly the perfect touch for the day and now we have this memory forever."

"The final product was absolutely stunning!



"If you are thinking about hiring a live painter this is your sign! Most importantly Linda is the person you need to hire! Her work had MULTIPLE guests In tears. Her attention to detail is unmatched! I have a half sleeve tattoo and she captured the details of it in the portrait. I was so amazed and over the moon with her talent. Hire her you will not be disappointed!"

Her attention to detail is unmatched!

From the initial discovery call, to adding the final touches, I want my couples to know how each painting is uniquely create not just from my hands but from my heart.

Listening carefully to my client's ideas and visions, hearing them tell their love story and sharing their wedding plans are infused from the very beginning.

When it comes to Live Painting, it always helps to prepare, from a daily routine of sketching to asking my clients for photos of them ahead of time for preliminary drawings. 

Initial Call

Linda's Process


I start by setting up my easel and canvas at the wedding venue, typically 2 hours prior to the start of the ceremony or reception. I observe the event closely, paying attention to the couple and their surroundings. I work quickly, using acrylic paints to capture the moment's essence and atmosphere in real time. My artistic flair allows me to incorporate both the significant elements of the event and my own interpretation into the painting.

Throughout the celebration, guests can watch the artwork evolve, creating an interactive and engaging aspect to the wedding.

wedding day


All live paintings are taken back to my studio for refinements. Here's where I will refining the figures, faces and adding in additional details. I will then add a layer of oil paints ensuring it's a perfect and lasting representation of the couple's special day. This process can take any where from 12-40 hours depending on the details the number of people to be added in.

I will send progress photos and ask for feedback. The final stage is to add a layer of protective varnish and offer framing services to my clients. Each finished painting is carefully packaged for either hand-delivery, pick-up at my studio. If shipping is necessary, a deluxe customized shipping box with will be used.

Refinement to delivery


As a professional artist for over a decade, I not only adore creating live wedding paintings for my clients my unique process and years of experience adds a distinctive touch to the experience.

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Since every commissioned painting is a one-of-a-kind original work of art, it's best that we have a conversation first. I'll listen carefully to your ideas and visions, then provide a custom proposal based specifically on your needs.

Pricing & Packages

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Celebration Scene is a painting of the couple with additional people.

Intimate Moment Package

Celebration Scene Package

Intimate Moment is a painting of just the couple.



Starting Price $4800

Starting Price $6500

Think of it as a cherished heirloom, a timeless treasure that transcends the moment. As your love story continues to write itself, this live wedding painting serves as a poignant reminder of where it all began. It's an indelible work of art, born on your wedding day, destined to be held close to your hearts
for a lifetime and beyond.

Everlasting Treasure

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