My mission is to breathe life into moments and emotions through my fine art and live painting, crafting lasting memories that resonate with the beauty of the human experience.

A Note From Linda

Work With Me

Work With Me

specializing in custom wedding and event painting. Passionate about capturing the most precious moments, listening carefully to my clients and a desire to put my heart and soul into each piece that makes my work so highly desired. With both domestic and international clients, I’ve been creating custom heirlooms for clients for over a decade with a full focus now on Live Event and Wedding Painting.

I could tell you about all difference seasons and journeys in my live that have brought me to this place and time, which by the way, if you are interested, I share a lot of personal stories in my blog. But all you really need to know…

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I’m a professional artist

I am driven by a deep passion for transforming my clients' visions and dreams into vibrant works of art on canvas. It all begins with our initial conversation, during which I meticulously record every detail and attentively absorb my clients' desires. What ensues is the trust my clients bestow in me, from my artistic expertise to the warm and engaging dialogues with their cherished guests and admirers, to the countless hours of devoted work in my studio, painstakingly bringing each painting to fruition.

The convergence of these elements is what my clients have come to anticipate as they seek a truly extraordinary and unparalleled experience. It's about capturing not just the visual aspects but also the profound emotions, joy, and exuberance that define the unfolding moments of their special day.

With nothing more than the fundamental tools of paints, brushes, and canvas, blended with years of experience and unwavering dedication, the outcome is an emotionally charged masterpiece, a cherished heirloom that will be forever loved and treasured.

I Love What I Do! 


"The fact that she was able to capture and paint our features that look soooo real— just speaks volumes of how amazingly talented she is."

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Linda was amazing to work with. She was so sweet and always quick to respond. The scheduling and planning process was seamless. She also helped us with framing and shipped the painting right to our home. We are so happy we chose Linda as our live painter. Truly the perfect touch for the day and now we have this memory forever."

"The final product was absolutely stunning!


Linda and Dean Marino form an exceptional husband and wife team, seamlessly blending their talents as artist and business partners. With a shared commitment to every aspect of their artistic enterprise, they bring a dynamic blend of creativity and business acumen to the forefront. 

Beyond their roles in the business, their shared passion extends to telling captivating visual stories through video that complement each painting. With a unique flair for storytelling, they weave narratives that enrich and deepen the connection between their art and its admirers. This fusion of creativity and business acumen, as well as their talent for visual storytelling, is a testament to their dedication to creating an immersive and memorable experience for their clients. Together, Linda and Dean are not only artists but also true visionaries in the world of art and visual storytelling.

Linda and Dean

Husband and Wife Team

  • Bachelor's Degree Business Administration- Western New England University
  • Studio Art Intensive: Syracuse University, Florence Italy
  • Continue Education: Hartford Art School, Manchester Community College. New Masters Academy

Awards and Accolades:
  • BEST IN SHOW AWARD - CAL Annual Exhibition 2018 - " Painters in Paradise" oil painting, 16 x 20" 
  • BEST LANDSCAPE - WAA- Annual Exhibition 2017 - "On the Corner of Colorful and Creative, New Haven Street Scene, oil painting 24 x 36"
  • HONORABLE MENTION- WAA- Annual Exhibition 2017 "Tomatoes on the Vine" oil painting 16 x 20"
  • SECOND PRIZE - MAC - Annual Exhibition 2017 "Beach Bound" acrylic painting, 12 x 24"
  • HONORABLE MENTION- SOCCA- Annual Exhibition 2016 "Summer Day in the City" oil painting 16 x 20"
  • SECOND PRIZE - CAL- Annual Exhibition 2016 "Cabernet and Bagette" oil painting 12 x 12"

Professional Affiliations:
  • Member of The Portrait Society of America
  • Associate Member of American Impressionist Society
  • Lyme Art Association
  • Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society
  • Madison Art Society

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