-Vincent Van Gogh

"There is nothing more truly artistic
than to love people."

I am so happy we chose Linda to capture our first dance at our wedding reception. I spent hours researching a live wedding painter and her work clearly stood out as a winner. I really liked that her work reflects the likeness of the couple she is painting – other live wedding artists don’t quite capture faces well, or it just looks like a very generic couple. I could tell that Linda spends a lot of time nailing facial features of her clients and that was important to me – to have something personalized from our wedding day.

Linda is very communicative and so easy to work with. Every phone call we had – it was like chatting with a friend, she really makes you feel comfortable. On our wedding day, she showed up early – during our wedding portraits and it was so nice to see her! Her and her husband, Dean, make a great team! I didn’t notice until looking back at my wedding photos, but her husband is actually capturing a lot of video footage of our wedding. Some folks even thought he was our videographer!

She was a hit at our wedding! Our guests were raving about her painting and, at that point, she wasn’t even finished with it!

When we returned home from our honeymoon, Linda reached out to discuss timelines and sent us a sneak peek of her revisions back at the studio. She was very receptive and patient with my suggested edits. I felt that my face in the painting wasn’t quite me and I also wanted some subtle details in my wedding dress added in. She took my feedback with grace and she absolutely nailed it. I also utilized the framing service she offers to her clients. She and her husband hand-delivered the painting to our home, which was so nice and very convenient! We love the final piece and we cannot wait to hang it up in our new home! I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for an artist to capture any memorable moment, whether it be a wedding or any other type of event.

Melinda and Brendan

Photo credit: Nick Rezendes Photography

Everyone should have a live painter for their wedding and everyone should hire Linda! From the moment we hired her until we got the painting she was attentive and so easy to work with! Everyone at the wedding was mesmerized as she painted the scene! Her work had MULTIPLE guests In tears. We loved having her at our wedding and we are so happy with the final result! She was even able to put our two labs in the painting! I knew I wanted a Live Painter for my wedding and I had searched and searched until I found Linda. From the moment I saw her work I knew she was the one I wanted. Her attention to detail is UNMATCHED! She was able to capture ever single detail perfectly from the chandeliers to my dress to even the tattoo on my arm! If you have thought about a live painter THIS IS YOUR SIGN to get one!

Nicole and Nate

Words cannot describe the joy that having Linda paint at our wedding brought us. She is such a lovely and kind person, and conversations with her during the stressful planning time brought me so much happiness and peace. We wanted a painting that showcased our venue’s landscape, and Linda listened to our vision, making visits to our venue and pre-sketches before our big day. We could feel that she was just as excited as we were, as we were discussing the various possibilities for our painting. It was so fun imagining what the piece might look like, but the best part is you won’t really know what it looks like until that day. We had no idea we would do a dip in the rain and kiss under an umbrella, but there it was in our painting perfectiy captured. We also didn’t realize that the car we drove up in would park near the lighthouse, but there it is in our painting. The unexpected and unplanned details is what makes the painting so incredibly personal. You also can’t underestimate the energy a live painter can bring to a wedding - our guests were so amazed by Linda’s incredible talent as she painted live, creating something truly special for everyone involved. This is more than a painting to us, it’s become a piece of our hearts that hangs on our wall , perfectly reflecting the feelings of that day. Not only is the painting dear to us, Linda and her husband will forever be a cherished part of our special day. Every time we look at the painting, we are transported back to our very special wedding day. We can’t thank Linda enough!

Michelle and Tom

We hired Linda to do a live painting of our wedding ceremony, and we are absolutely thrilled with the experience and the final product. She was incredibly easy to work with throughout the whole process and truly captured what we wanted. All of the guests at our wedding loved chatting with her and her husband about the painting, and it was truly magical to see the painting coming to life. Linda had the painting framed for us, and she even hand delivered it to our home. We could not have asked for a better experience and would highly recommend her!

Kim and Dan

I decided to book a live wedding painter for our wedding, and boy am I happy I did, and specifically that I found Linda Marino. I knew that if we were going to do this, I wanted a true work of art that we would be proud to hang in our home forever. I knew I wanted an elevated, elegant, timeless piece of art- nothing that read 'caricature' or 'cartoon', but a gorgeous painting you might see at a gallery. Linda was on top of communication- I highly value responsiveness and being able to text/speak on the phone in a timely manner. We quickly got to discussing the details, and before I knew it, we contracted her. Linda begins her work before the wedding day, asking for photos of the couple and looking at photos of the backdrop so she can set herself up for success. That day, she came during wedding party photos to snap photos of me and my husband, and she set up and started working on the background. She stayed through the ceremony and until the end of the reception, working on the painting. Guests were blown away by her talent, and she graciously chatted with them while working. Unlike other wedding painters, who do what they can during the wedding and leave your painting with the couple that night, she takes it home, continues to work on it for many weeks to get it just right, varnishes it and mails it to you. I was in tears seeing it at the end of the night; I was speechless by how beautifully she captured our ceremony. It would have been amazing as is, but then seeing the final product weeks later was like reliving a dream. This was an investment in a piece of art that captured a special moment on our wedding day. Linda is unbelievably talented, professional, and clearly loves what she does - as evident by going above and beyond before, during, and after the wedding. I highly recommend couples book Linda to beautifully and magically capture this milestone in their lives while having a lovely, treasured keepsake for life.

Chantelle and Matt

Having a wedding painter at my wedding was amazing! And having Linda as my wedding painter made it even more amazing! Her and my sister even made it even more special by adding my late father to the photo next to my mom. Everyone at the wedding was crying in such enjoy. She even added our dogs to the photo. The painting came out amazing and we look at it everyday to be reminded of our beautiful day!. 

Emily and Brendyn

I cannot say enough amazing things about Linda Marino and her artistic talent! A friend of mine had a live wedding painter at her wedding and I knew that would be something I would want for my future wedding! Once I was engaged and started wedding planning, I found Linda through a quick google search. After our first phone conversation, I knew I had found the right person. Linda invited me to a local bridal show to meet in person where I met Linda and her husband Dean. We were so excited for the big day to finally arrive. During our reception, all of our guests kept looking over at Linda's painting to see her progress and were amazed. I have received calls and texts from our guests about how our painting turned out. At my request, Linda added a few family members to our painting that were there in spirit. Linda sent me multiple updates on the progress of the painting and made picking a frame so incredibly easy. Coming from someone who reads reviews before anything I buy or book, I will shout from the rooftops to book Linda Marino!! We have the most beautiful keepsake from our wedding day that we cannot wait to hang in our future home. We are very excited to have Linda create another beautiful painting of our wedding ceremony in the next upcoming months.

Ashley and Phil

Words can’t truly capture how unbelievably amazing Linda was throughout this entire process. I did this as a surprise wedding gift for my husband and I would do it 100 times again if it meant I got to work with Linda! She was incredibly communicative, very open to hearing what I wanted for this painting AND she was so good about keeping everything a secret and working around my schedule to find times to chat. The work is breathtaking, everyone at the wedding couldn’t stop talking about it! Such a fun, interactive experience that we will now get to cherish forever. I highly highly recommend Linda to anyone considering a live painting!!

Amanda and Tom

My husband and I are thrilled that we had Linda live paint a scene at our wedding. From the planning phase to the painting's completion, it was always a pleasure working with Linda. She was both responsive and reasonable, and on the day of our wedding she was timely and organized. Her amazing talent is beautifully showcased in her work, and guests from our wedding are still talking about it months later. It was so special to receive the finished painting following our wedding. We hung it on our wall immediately, and we know this custom piece will be cherished by our family for generations to come. We could not be more happy with our decision to have Linda at our wedding!

Hannah and Chris

I highly recommend Linda if you are considering a wedding painter! She is so incredibly talented and great to work with. All of our guests loved watching Linda work her magic - it was definitely a highlight of our wedding! Everyone (including my husband and I) were absolutely blown away by the final product. We can’t thank Linda enough for this amazing piece that we will cherish forever.

Julianna and Dylan

Linda was amazing to work with. She was so sweet and always quick to respond. The scheduling and planning process was seamless. The final product was absolutely stunning. She also helped us with framing and shipped the painting right to our home. We are so happy we chose Linda as our live painter. Truly the perfect touch for the day and now we have this memory forever.

Megan and Chris

We are beyond happy with our decision to hire Linda to create a live painting of our wedding ceremony. She was very friendly and so easy to work with. Having a live wedding painter is such a unique experience and all our guests loved it. Even a month later when people talk about the wedding they mention how amazing she was! We also purchased a frame so that it would be ready to hang once we got it. I was at a loss for words when we got to see the final product. I hung it up immediately and still love to just walk by to look at it. I cannot recommend her enough!

Kila and Mike

Bringing entertainment at your wedding to the next level… soo many guests enjoyed watching Linda take a blank canvas to her finished masterpiece in 6-7 hrs is just amazing. Also, the fact that she takes time after the wedding to truly go into more details (faces, flowers, the movement of my dress in the wind) on the painting shows the perfectionist approach and skill level she has. She’s definitely a realist painter which is what I wanted. I didn’t want a cartoon/characteristic style I wanted it to look like a photograph and that is what I received!! Linda was also able to accommodate my request to make her painting of us into our thank you note cards!!! So all the guests at the wedding was able to see the finished piece in my thank you notes!!! I still stay in touch with Linda even after she hand delivered my amazing wedding painting that is how amazing this woman is. The fact that she was able to capture and paint our features that looked soooo real — literally everyone coming into my house says they thought it was a photograph (her painting) just speaks volumes of how amazingly talented this woman is. I’ve been raving about her skills on various Facebook bridal groups because everyone should book Linda!

Emily and Jordan

I highly recommend Linda for your live wedding painting. From start to finish, Linda was an absolute joy to work with. Guests raved about Linda’s work the night of the wedding and enjoyed watching her paint. The end product is absolutely stunning and I will forever cherish it!

Katie and David

Linda is an extremely talented artist and I definitely recommend booking her for live paintings for any event! She did a live painting for my husband and I at our wedding, as a gift from our parents and it turned out absolutely beautiful. Linda listens to what your interested in and asks questions to make sure everything is perfect. My friends and family still talk about how cool it was to watch her paint and the progress they saw throughout the entire night. I can't recommend Linda enough!!

Shauna and Mike

Where do I even start with Linda?! I knew from the beginning I wanted to focus on including things in our wedding that would live on past just that day, and when I found Linda and saw her work and learned about her process, it was a no brainer! Working with her leading up to the event was so pleasant, and she was very involved in making sure she knew exactly what we wanted, and she even went the extra step and met with us at the venue to preview it before the day of! Her painting live at the wedding was such a hit — people were so blown away by the progression of the painting, and my husband and I even got to add some strokes to our outfits on the painting! And the finished product — WOW! The quality is incredible, and it makes me weepy thinking we’ll have this as a priceless memento from our special day forever!

Ciera and Dan

If you are thinking about booking Linda DO IT RIGHT NOW! Having a Linda create such an incredible piece of art live was an absolute highlight of our wedding. Our guests loved it. The way Linda engages with guests really sets her apart from other live painters. She is so kind and friendly and enthusiastically talked to every single person who came up to her. Linda brings an energy of excitement and wants to talk about the day, the artwork, answer questions and make guests feel like they are a part of the piece. On top of this she was so easy to work with and made me feel so comfortable and confident. I sent her our engagement pictures, pictures of our venue, we had a planning call and she magically made my wildest dreams come to life even better than I could have imagined!

Martha and James

Linda is the BEST and we are so thankful that she was a part of our special day. All of our guests were utterly blown away at what she created and our portrait has now become a treasure in our home. We loved our live portrait so much that we hired her again after the fact to create family portraits for our parents as thank you gifts. I am blown away by the time and effort she puts into each of her paintings. Her talent is undeniable and she is the nicest person to work with! We cannot thank her enough for creating the most magical memory of our day. Thank you, Linda!! Can't wait to work with you again soon :)

Kirsten and Andrew

I hired Linda as a gift to my daughter and son in law. She was the first vender to arrive. She started painting right away. She uses photos and videos to aide her with the painting and she shared them with us. I was ecstatic to see the ceremony which was a blur in my memory. Our guests enjoyed interacting with her throughout the evening and I got lots of compliments about what she was doing and how talented she was. When she presented the painting to my family it was breathtaking how accurate and detailed her art was. It was absolutely gorgeous and a gift to cherish forever. I would give her the highest recommendation!

Ann and Ross

Linda created the most special, personalized gift we received for our wedding! If you're even considering having a live painter for your event - let this be your sign to hire Linda!! Guests couldn't stop raving about how fun and unique the experience of seeing the painting come to life through out the night was. We even got to add our own personal touch and add details to our outfits during the reception which was so special. Linda NAILED it - We both look EXACTLY like ourselves, as well as all of our special people in the background. We cannot say enough good things about Linda's professionalism, kindness and positive attitude which made this experience a pleasant one and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautifully unique way to capture any big moment - her artwork is truly breathtaking, and seeing the completed piece brought tears to our eyes. Thank you Linda for being apart of our special day and creating magic that we will cherish forever!

Jessie and Jared

We are so happy we chose Linda to be a part of our wedding day. She was so responsive throughout the entire process. We received so many compliments from guests at our wedding who watched the process and painting unfold. We are so pleased with the final product, she really captured the moment , us and our dog too! We would recommend her to anyone looking into live paintings!

Angelica and Kelsey

Linda was AMAZING from start to finish! I was deciding weather or not last minute (1 month prior) to add a live painter to our wedding. Linda made the decision easy. She was very communicative and professional. And of course her works speaks for it self! We are in LOVE with our painting and the attention to detail that you could see. I highly recommend Linda! Our guests could not stop talking about how cool it was to watch the paintings come to life.

Kristen and Eric

Working with Linda was a pleasure when planning a wedding can be so stressful . She made contact and payments so easy, and her emails were always friendly. Her work is amazing. She did the most beautiful job on the painting of my first dance with my husband. Our wedding guests were amazed all night, and so many brought her up after the wedding as a highlight of their night. She and her husband hand delivered the painting to us, too! What could be better? I really loved working with Linda and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a painter for any reason.

Melissa and Paul

Having Linda at our wedding to do a live painting was such a special part of our day and a memory we will always have. She did an amazing job on the painting and was so great to work with!

Christina and Joe

Linda was one of the highlights of our wedding! From the moment I contacted Linda to even now 2 months after our wedding she has been one of the sweetest, most personable and caring individuals! We hired Linda to live paint our first dance, and she far exceeded our expectations! From the start she was very attentive to details asking what pose we wanted, if I wanted my train down or bustled, if I wanted my veil still in, etc. Linda arrived to our wedding hours before the ceremony to set up and start her artwork. When my husband and I saw Linda after our first dance during our reception we were absolutely blown away by the beautiful artwork Linda created. She even let both of us paint a little bit ourselves which was super special. All of our guests enjoyed seeing the painting come to life and they couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it was! A few weeks following our wedding Linda sent me a picture of our painting. I was speechless to say the least. In the background of the painting was each important person we had with us on our special day. Linda even took the time to paint in my Dad who passed away a few years ago. The similarities of each person is impressive - you can clearly tell who is who. Linda sent me multiple framing options to choose from and even got our beautiful painting framed for us so that when it was complete it was ready to hang on the wall and be admired. From start to finish Linda was professional and kind. It feels like Linda is an old friend of mine, but she’s a new friend I gained through the wedding planning process and I HIGHLY recommend her to anyone who is thinking about hiring a live painter for any event.

Cirsten and David

I hired Linda to do a live painting for my daughter Katie’s wedding. She painted a beautiful picture of the ceremony. I could not recommend her enough. She was very flexible and easy to work with. Linda spent time talking to me and Katie prior to the wedding and explained everything we needed to know. She also let Katie and Cullen paint a couple of brush strokes as she was painting at the venue. Our guests were amazed as they watched her paint throughout the evening. It was the best gift I could have give them!

Suzanne M

Linda is such a talented artist! She did a live painting for my husband and me at our wedding, as a gift from our parents. To say it was amazing is an understatement. She is another form of entertainment for the wedding! We were in touch beforehand of the "scene" of the wedding that we wanted painted. Throughout the night, family and friends went up to her to see her progress. She let me and my husband put a few strokes in the picture, which was so cool! She added in our dog to the scene which was amazing. She was so easy to work with, and kept us in the loop with how the picture was coming. I cannot recommend Linda enough, and if I could give her 100 stars I would!

Katie and Cullen

10/10 Linda is THE BEST. When first looking online for live painters, I struggled a bit. So many of the vendors seemed too transactional, while my husband and I were looking for someone more personal who would really capture our love and our day the best way possible. Then, we found the lovely and talented Linda Marino. I *literally* cannot say enough good things about her (as an artist and as a person). From our first conversation where she really wanted to get to know my husband and I... all the way to when she dropped off the masterpiece, she was INCREDIBLE. Her communication is a 10/10 and listened to exactly what I envisioned for our day. She even went above and beyond asking for pictures of my husband and I before the wedding to envision who she would be painting. She is a true artist. Her work is SPECTACULAR! Any small edits we had she fixed with no problem at all. I would hire her a million times over for any event as she is truly the best. AND! The bonus is that her husband comes with her to capture video of the day and you can see the painting coming to life. Thank you for capturing our day, Linda. I look at the painting every day with such a smile on my face. :)

Ingrid and Chris

Linda made my wedding so special! Her talent is one of a kind. She was able to capture our wedding day perfectly and made the entire process so fun. She painted our first dance and I swear she was able to capture more details than any of the photos did! After our wedding, my guests couldn't stop talking about her and how talented she was. My favorite thing is that she also let me and my husband paint too, it is such a special memory from our day!

Linda and her husband are the kindest people and the guests loved to talk to them. They both hand-delivered my painting after the wedding. Her professionalism AND big heart make Linda the best choice for any wedding day. Thank you Linda!!!

Nicole and Logan