This week’s artist-to-artist challenge revolves around the idea of crafting an environment conducive to creativity. In his book, “The Little Book of Talents: 52 Tips on Improving your Skill,” Coyle emphasizes the importance of opting for functional spaces over opulent ones for honing your craft. Surprisingly, luxurious surroundings might inadvertently signal our minds to slack off, whispering the temptation to relax as if we’ve already achieved success.

What’s your take on the notion that an overly pristine workspace could hinder productivity?

Reflecting on my own journey, I find merit in this concept.

Having managed two distinct studio/gallery spaces over the years, both aesthetically pleasing, I discovered a common challenge. Despite their beauty, I found myself consumed more by promoting artwork, workshops, and guest shows than by actual creative endeavors. Coyle’s insight about favoring functionality over luxury resonates with my experience; productivity thrives in spaces designed for purpose.

For me, the optimal setting has been my home studio. With long hours invested, flexibility is key—taking breaks, strolling around the neighborhood, attending to chores, or simply unwinding on the deck.

But do I still crave a create space, that’s beautiful and inspiring, you bet I do! That’s why I love pinning inspirational photos on my pinterest board. Finding those dreamy photos of studios with magnificent views. Always dreaming of that ideal space to create.

Below, I invite you to glimpse into the two studio spaces I’ve mentioned: one nestled in the Watch Factory Shoppes in Cheshire, CT, and the other situated on Montowese Ave in Branford. Join me on this brief tour

Here’s the Studio space in Branford.

Currently my studio space is in our home, and here’s what that looks like:

What do you think about where you create?

What do you think about this idea that if your space to practice your artwork is too pristine, you’re less likely to be productive? I would love to hear your thoughts on your creative space. Leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing your answer.

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