Originally posted on Linda’s Wet Paint Art Blog 9-8-2021

Sunset at Guilford Marina painting by Linda S. Marino, acrylic on linen canvas, 30 x 38″

As an artist, each brushstroke is a journey, a narrative intricately woven into the canvas. “Sunset at Guilford Marina,” my latest creation, reflects the profound influence a single moment can exert on the artistic soul. Let me take you on a personal voyage through this painting—a reflection of both the visual splendor of Guilford Marina and the tapestry of memories that inspired its creation.

This piece emerged from a photo I took last year while preparing for a nocturne painting. Guilford Marina, with its myriad of views, offered a plethora of possibilities. Yet, it was a specific scene that resonated with me—the warm orange glow of streetlights casting a gentle radiance against the rich blue canvas of water and sky. A faint band of orange and pinks on the horizon, and the Lobster Shack illuminated by spotlights almost as bright as the setting sun, all converged to create a moment frozen in time.

The painting, beyond its visual aesthetics, encapsulates a chapter from my past. Years ago, I found myself invited to join a Tuesday night sailing group. On a boat with 15 other sailors, I was a novice, clueless about the intricacies of sailing. Yet, the crew embraced my lack of knowledge, and my offering of homemade chocolate chip cookies became an unexpected bond. The memories of those carefree Tuesday nights flooded back as I painted this scene.

As you explore this artwork, let it be an invitation to join me on a journey—where the canvas becomes a portal, and every color and contour tells a story. “Sunset at Guilford Marina” is not just a painting; it brings back the fondest of memories.

original painting of guilford marina at sunset with oranges and blues, sailboat

“Sunset on Guilford Marina” Acrylic painting, 30 x 38″ framed in a weathered grey box frame is available through my website here. Fine Art Prints are also available here.