Live Wedding Painting of Kassy and John’s outdoor wedding ceremony at the Inn at Mystic, Mystic, CT, 24 x 30″ oil painting

Introductions and Discovery Call

I had the pleasure of meeting Kassy over the phone approximately a year before her wedding day. Our immediate connection was sparked by our shared passion for art, which became evident when she graciously shared a screen capture of her home art wall gallery. The depth and diversity of her artwork left a lasting impression on me. In our conversation, Kassy revealed her plan to personally craft all the desserts for her wedding, drawing on her past experience as a baker before transitioning to a role in a law firm.

We delved into the envisioned scene she and her fiancé, John, desired for the painting—an idyllic view from the venue’s back lawn, overlooking a winding river and the picturesque New England landscape. Despite the persistent rain in Connecticut that season delaying the fall foliage change, I discerned subtle hints of color and enhanced the painting to align with the couple’s vision.

Wedding Day

On the splendid day of their wedding, under warm sunshine, family and friends gathered on chairs for a beautiful and heartwarming exchange of vows. Kassy added a unique touch by having John sign a love contract. Following the ceremony, as guests enjoyed cocktail hour, I set up inside the reception tent, meticulously selecting the perfect photo from the plethora of options.

Capturing couples looking at each other is a favorite pose of mine, and Kassy’s choice of her veil wafting in the breeze added a delightful element. I took care to include all the intricate details, from her earrings to the lace and appliqué on her dress.

As the night progressed and laughter echoed through the air from the interactive games Kassy and John had arranged, I continued to work on the live painting, attracting curious onlookers interested in the latest wedding trend. My husband, Dean, documented the painting process, showcasing the evolution of the artwork in the video below.

Studio Refinements

Returning to the studio, I approached the painting with fresh eyes, refining it from a spontaneous capture to a more polished piece with accurate depictions of faces and figures. Incorporating multiple figures required careful consideration of size and proportions, necessitating several passes through the numerous photos and videos to find the ideal pose for each person.

Adding layers of oil paint in the studio allowed me to highlight the lush foliage and dark shadows of the tall trees. The slower drying time of oil paint facilitated blending and the creation of softer edges, contributing to the overall depth and richness of the composition.

Art Term Explained: Soft Edges

In the realm of art, understanding the concept of edges involves recognizing the contrast between hard edges and soft edges. Hard edges are akin to crisp outlines or distinct separations between different elements in a composition. Think of it as painting within defined lines without any blending. On the contrary, soft edges entail smoother transitions between adjacent shapes, colors, or tones. This blending creates a gradual shift, much like smudging charcoal or blending paint on a canvas.

Artists strategically choose between hard and soft edges to convey specific visual effects: hard edges for clarity, emphasis, and boldness, while soft edges contribute to subtlety, depth, and a more nuanced, atmospheric quality in the artwork. Mastering the interplay of these edges is a fundamental aspect of artistic expression and composition.

Wrapping Up

Once I received finally approval from Kassy and John I added two coats of protective varnish on the painting. We were fortunate that Kassy and John were visiting family for the weekend and came by my home studio to pick up their painting. It was a joy to see them again. And of course our dog Sarah stole the show as she is the best home greeter around.

It was such a pleasure creating this piece for such a sweet couple. I wish them many years of happiness and joy together and may this painting be a treasured piece to add to their beautiful gallery of original artwork.

Watch How this Painting was created

cover for youtube video of Live Wedding Painting by Linda Marino

Although Kassy and John chose to frame their painting themselves, I always like to display the finished painting in both a frame and in a room setting.