Original posted on Linda’s Wet Paint Art Blog on 9-13-2021

Original oil painting by Linda S. Marino, created en plein air at Hammonasset Beach, Madison, CT, oil, 14 x 11, on linen panel

Connecticut Plein Air Painters join the Worldwide Paint Out- Friday and Saturday, September 10-11, 2021  at Hammonasset Beach, Madison, CT

​Painted en plein air on Friday Sept 10 and finished on Saturday September 11, 2021 – The Connecticut Plein Air Painters Society (CPAPS) join together with the International Plein Air Painters for a Worldwide Paint Out Weekend.

​Both days the weather was beautiful, a constant light breeze made the afternoon sun barely noticeable as the temperatures rose to about 82 degrees. On Friday, We had a larger group of about 12-15 artists from all over the state join us. On Saturday the group was smaller only 5 of us.

​I was inspired to paint this scene of the walkway at Meig’s Point because of how the trees and surrounding foliage moved softly in the wind. A gentle swaying back and forth like a mother cradling her newborn in her arms, as she gently and rythmically shifts her weight from one foot to the other.

​ It was busy both days at the park, lots of folks walking the trails, climbing the rocks, taking photos, walking their dogs, relaxing in beach chairs and a few children knee-deep splashing in the water.

​Working on a gesso primed linen, my goal was to keep some of the surface peaking through especially along the path and sandy surfaces. 

​With fresh eyes on this piece this morning the idea of turning this piece into a diptych  or triptych is floating around in my mind. How cool it would be to extend the scene to left to include more of the water and rocks. Stay tune – this could be the beginnings of a larger set! 

Shown here in a natural wood frame but other framing options are available. Shop online here or quality art prints are available here or contact me directly if you’re interested in this piece. Linda@lindasmarinoart.com