Victoria and Curran’s Live Wedding Painting at Harrington Farms in Princeton, MA, 20 x 24″ oil painting

Fresh off the easel, I’m happy to present Victoria and Curran’s live painting from their wedding at Harrington Farms in Princeton, MA. The scene was straight out of a fairy tale – a perfect winter wonderland, with green Christmas trees, twinkling lights, and a roaring fire in the large stone fireplace, all nestled under the romantic embrace of cherry wood beams.

The ceremony was nothing short of enchanting. Surrounded by their cherished friends and family, Victoria and Curran exchanged vows, their promises of love echoing through the air like sweet melodies. As witnesses to their beautiful union, we all felt the warmth and sincerity of the blessings spoken over them, sealing their commitment to each other.

As a generous gift by Victoria’s parents, I was hired to be their live painter. Victoria and I had the opportunity to connect and discuss the scene she imagined. Victoria so kindly ask if I could include their two dog and I was happy to say Yes!. She sent me a few photos and I was sure to have them ready to include into the painting.

To me, being part of Victoria and Curran’s wedding celebration was an absolute privilege. As I painted, I couldn’t help but feel the weight of responsibility and honor in translating their love onto canvas. As we are finishing up the framing stage, soon their finished painting, will hang proudly in their home, serves as a visual prayer and blessing for their journey into married life.

Just as their marriage grows stronger with each day, may the painting serve as a timeless symbol of their enduring love and commitment.

May it bring them joy and fond memories every time they gaze upon it, a reminder of the beautiful journey they’ve embarked upon together. And, may their love story be a testament to the power of love, patience, and unwavering support.

Best wishes to this sweet couple!