live painting at long island vineyard of couple's outdoor wedding ceremony with family and wedding party autum day by Linda Marino
Claire and Jared’s Wedding Ceremony Live Wedding Painting at The Vineyards at Aquebogue, Long Island, oil painting, 24 x 36″

Capturing Timeless Moments: A Long Island Vineyard Wedding Painting Experience

A Picture perfect day in late October at The Vineyards at Aquebogue on Long Island. The yellow, orange, and pink, mums line the brick walkway, leading to a serene pond where white ducks glide peacefully. The outdoor ceremony location is anchored with a white arbor and adorned with vines. Under a bright blue sky that seems almost tailor-made for such a special occasion, Claire and Jared’s wedding day unfolds.

Dean and I traveled by the Long Island Ferry over to Port Jefferson and then made our way to Riverhead. I set up my easel and canvas on the back lawn with an ideal view of the ceremony scene. As the couple and wedding party arrived to take photos, Claire presented her surprise gift to Jared. Not only was he surprised, he so sweetly complemented her on her thoughtfulness and generosity.

During the ceremony, we heard the sweet story of how these two meet and the beautiful scripture reading. As I waited eagerly to capture the moment I had envisioned for their painting. I had to give some brief instructions to the love struck couple as they exited the ceremony. Snap! I had the photo I was looking for!

Then off to work adding the two into the landscape scenery. As I continued to painting outside, their family and friends stopped by my easel, and so graciously chatted.

Later, moving inside, I set up in a nice spot away from the dance floor but still able to see the action. The party was in full swing everyone was enjoying the music, the fantastic meal and each other’s company. Lots of laughter filled the air!

Claire and Jared came over to visit me at the easel and loved the progress of the painting. They added their personal touch, a brushstroke onto the canvas and then off to the dance floor.

Studio Refinements- where the details take shape

Upon returning to my studio, the true challenge began. Adding in the wedding party, the family, and the three adorable flower girls required a delicate balance of skill and precision. Each figure had to be rendered with care, ensuring that they complemented rather than overshadowed the main focus of the bride and groom.

Creating a painting with multiple figures is no small feat. It requires an understanding of composition, perspective, and proportion. As well as, capturing the unique essence of each individual. Some figures are rendered with a loose, impressionistic style, capturing the energy and movement of the moment. Others, like the family members, are imbued with intricate detail, reflecting the significance of their presence on this joyous occasion.

Throughout the process, I remained mindful of preserving the intimacy and authenticity of the moment. Each brushstroke was imbued with intention, each color carefully chosen to evoke emotion and sentiment. It was a labor of love, a testament to the enduring power of art to immortalize the most precious moments of our lives.

As I put the finishing touches on the painting, I couldn’t help but marvel at the journey it had taken me on. From the beautiful autumn day at the Aquebogue vineyards to the confines of my studio. A journey of beauty, love and the transformative power of art.

Watch the Progress Video on my Youtube Channel

Frame and Living Room Mockup of long island live wedding painting

I thoroughly enjoy presenting the finished painting within a framed setting. Whether it’s the actual frame chosen by my clients or a simulated one. This step serves as a culmination of the painting process, providing me with closure and a profound sense of accomplishment. Moreover, I believe it offers viewers valuable insight into the painting’s size in relation to the room. To enhance one’s understanding and appreciation of the artwork.

Long Island Wedding Painting framed in a light wood frame on a linen background painted by Linda Marino
long island live wedding painting framed in light green living room with couch and green tree painted by Linda Marino

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