For Tip #3 – “Steal without Apology” the author suggests that stealing has a long tradition in art, sports and design, where it often referred to as “influence”. And Pablo Picasso put it ” Good Artists borrow. Get artists steal”. There’s another book I would love to suggest for any artist is “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Keon.

Creativity is all about mixing your own ideas with those of others. Kleon, tells us it’s okay to get inspiration from everywhere. It means we shouldn’t worry too much about being totally original because all art is inspired by something.

To use this idea in your own art, try looking at famous artists, hanging out with other creative people, keeping a collection of things that inspire you, and putting your own spin on what you find. Mixing things up like this can help you come up with new ideas and make your art even better.

Let creativity be your compass, drawing inspiration from every corner. In the art of stealing like an artist, innovation finds its spark.

For artists managing their art businesses, there are many practical ways to apply the “Steal Like an Artist” concept. Consider keeping a notebook or digital file with phrases and well-written copy that relate to describing and selling your artwork. Remind yourself that writing about your artwork is a skill that improves with practice, much like a muscle. By regularly jotting down ideas and refining your language, you’ll enhance your ability to communicate the essence and value of your art to potential buyers. This consistent effort not only strengthens your marketing materials but also builds confidence in presenting your work to the world.

Remember, “Steal Like an Artist” is not about copying others but about learning from them and making something uniquely yours. Whether you’re creating art or running a business, being open to new ideas and staying true to yourself can help you grow and succeed. So, embrace creativity, learn from others, and make your art business shine!

This is a great book by artist Austin Kleon, it’s short and to the point but has a lot of wonderful insight. Here’s a link to the book on amazon “Steal Like an Artist” *

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