Harkness Garden Plein Air Study, 12 x 16″ acrylic painting,
painted on location at Harkness Park in Waterford CT

It was a beautiful summer day at Harkness Park in Waterford CT. Our favorite type of day trip is one that incorporates a great fishing spot for my husband Dean and a beautiful vistas for me to paint. This is where the inspiration for Harkness Garden Painting was born.

Each year we end up at Harkness Park in Waterford because it never disappoints for either one of us. I decided to set up at the back entrance of the English Garden. There were plenty of onlookers who stop to check out the painting progress and chat for a few minutes.

This is always a treat for me because I end up meeting so many fascinating people, some who are artists, and others who just appreciate the process of creating art. I even met a beautiful young couple who just got engaged just minutes before.

artist linda marino painting on location at Harkness Park in the garden

What a beautiful location for a marriage propose. She was on cloud nine and so excited to share her Big News!

I know that Harkness is also a favorite place for Connecticut photographers to bring their wedding couples for engagement photos. There are just so many beautiful background settings to choose from and has such a romantic vibe.

The Eolia Mansion at Harkness Park offers tours to the public and this time Dean and I decided to join the tour group. We met the docent at the front door and she led us around the mansion. Sharing some very fascinating stories about the owners, Mary and Edward Harkness and what it was like to live there. We even had a sneak peak inside the kitchen and maid’s quarters which is always so fascinating.

The story of Eolia Mansion begins with Edward and Mary’s desire to create a summer retreat that combined luxury and elegance with the natural beauty of the Connecticut shoreline.

They enlisted the renowned architectural firm Lord & Hewlett to design the mansion, incorporating a blend of architectural styles, including Elizabethan and Tudor influences.

Eolia Mansion, named after the island home of the Greek god of winds, became a symbol of the Harkness family’s wealth and social standing. The mansion featured opulent interiors, expansive gardens, and stunning views of Long Island Sound.

Beyond its architectural beauty, Eolia Mansion holds stories of the Harkness family’s philanthropy. Edward and Mary were known for their generous contributions to various charitable causes, including education and the arts.

Harkness is one of my absolute favorite places to paint en plein air. And so I hope to someday paint a wedding here… it’s on my bucket list.

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