live wedding painting of couple's first dance at yacht club with blue, yellow and white color theme
Emily and Tom’s First Dance at The Bohlin in Newport RI, 24 x 30″ oil painting

As I set up my easel with a clear view of the dance floor at The Bohlin in Newport, RI, I couldn’t help but feel the anticipation in the air. Emily and Tom’s wedding was destined to be a celebration of love, and I was honored to be their live wedding painter for the evening.

The theme was unmistakably nautical, with the deep blue tablecloths, golden accents, and twinkling lights creating a magical atmosphere reminiscent of the Newport coastline. As the afternoon rain didn’t let up, they decided to move indoors for the ceremony. This intimate setting only intensified the warmth and closeness of the occasion.

What caught my eye were the beaded boho chandeliers, a surprise addition that added a touch of bohemian elegance to the venue. Suspended like jewels from the tent ceiling, they cast a soft, ethereal glow, transforming the space into a dreamlike canvas. The transparent panels of the tent revealed a breathtaking view of yachts gently swaying just outside, creating a picturesque backdrop for the evening.

Amidst the raindrops tapping on the tent roof, I began to paint. Each stroke of my brush captured the essence of the evening – the love, the joy, and the unique charm of Emily and Tom’s special day. Guests gathered around, witnessing the transformation of the blank canvas into a masterpiece that mirrored the emotions of the celebration.

One of the most heartwarming moments was Emily and Tom’s special second dance, with their three boys. This unexpected family moment added a layer of emotion to the canvas, and I felt privileged to immortalize it with my brush. The live wedding painting became a living, breathing memory of a day filled with love, resilience, and the magic that only a Newport wedding can provide.

In the midst of the rain, under the twinkling lights, my Live Wedding Painting in Newport, RI became an integral part of Emily and Tom’s love story. It wasn’t just about the strokes of my brush; it was about capturing the fleeting moments that made their day truly special. The canvas, now a testament to love and artistry, stands as a reminder that sometimes, the most beautiful moments are those that unfold unexpectedly, like the rain on a wedding day in Newport.

Watch the process

linda marino artist live painter holding wedding painting in black frame
A smiling, happy artist with her finished work of art framed and ready to ship to her very happy client!
photo of a wedding painting framed in a living room with tan couch
A Living Room setting to showcase Emily and Tom’s finished and framed wedding painting. A true heirloom treasure that will be a show piece in their home forever.