Hayley and Nick’s Live Wedding Painting, Glen Manor House, Portsmouth, RI, 20 x 24″ oil painting

On a picture-perfect September day in 2023, Hayley and Nick’s love story took center stage at the beautiful Glen Manor House in Portsmouth, RI. Warmth, sunshine, and the promise of a lifetime of happiness filled the day. Hayley had contacted me a year prior to the wedding, and this live wedding painting was her special gift to Nick.

As our GPS guided us to our destination, we drove through the soft rolling hills and coastal terrain of Rhode Island. Always having the sense we were close to the coast there is something in the air, or just a feeling that one knows when they are approaching the water.

The Glen Manor House was a hidden gem, with its long driveway flanked by majestic oak trees. The mansion itself was a masterpiece of understated elegance, and the ballroom, with its large windows and graceful drapery, exuded an airy ambiance. I set up my easel beside the talented DJ, who also happened to be an excellent pianist, offering me the perfect view of the evening ahead.

The mansion’s various rooms and outdoor spaces were so tastefully decorated setting the stage for an evening of joyous, memorable moments.

I met up with Hayley and Nick along with the wedding party and their photographer out in the garden. We had a brief conversation. One thing I discussed with them after surviving the property and what caught my eye as an artist, I asked for permission for creative license to enhance the ballroom first dance scene by opening the large window doors to convey the idea of a more open space. A technique used by the old masters when painting interior scenes is to have open windows to expand the depth of the composition and lead the viewers eye towards a distant horizon.

The Reading Room is a smaller space that connects the main ballroom with the dining areas

As I got to work on capturing the background, I know one of my challenges ahead was the perspective of the open doors. I didn’t have the chance to actually open the doors so I had to use my imagination to finger out what they would look like. I knew I wanted the windows large enough to capture as much as outdoors as possible. On the veranda there was a soft sheer fabric that draped the ceiling of the awning, with brass chandeliers and the tables glowed with florals and candles light.

Their ceremony was beautiful out on the lawn where family and friends witnessed these two share their vows. Cocktail hour was outside on the back terrace while the pianist played inside as the familiar tunes waffled through the air as guest mingled on the patio.

The moment we’ve been waiting for… As the DJ made the announcements Hayley and Nick entered the grand ballroom as though they were walking on a cloud. The energy between these two was exciting and exuberant. They greeted their friends and family with huge smiles and eyes filled with joy and happiness.

As they circled the ballroom, they moved into their first dance. Gazing into each other’s eyes. If we could read their thoughts, I know they were beaming with the fact that they did it! They were ready to face life together as a married couple.

Nick gracefully spun Hayley a few times as Hayley’s dress swayed around her and then cascading into a graceful assemblage around her feet. As we watched these two move across the dance floor in a gentle manor it’s as though the were dancing alone in their own little world just captivated by each others love.

As the night moved on, we moved my easel and gear to a smaller reading room, reserved for the desserts and cake cutting. It was a perfect location to view the dining areas inside and out as well as the ballroom. After reviewing both my photos and videos and Dean’s photos and videos we decided on this scene, one that captured both faces in a three quarter view, as well as the elegant movement of Hayley’s dress. It was a such a graceful and intimate moment I knew it would be the perfect moment.

With the memories of this beautiful celebration in our hearts, we headed back to Connecticut, where the real work on the live wedding painting began. The process involves refining the acrylic base with painstaking attention to detail and proportion. Layers of transparent oil paint are added for luminosity. The final touches, such as the fringe on the curtains, the warm glow of chandeliers, and the reflections on the dance floor, add depth and charm to the painting.

Creating this heirloom piece for Hayley and Nick was a joy, and I hope it continues to bring them sweet memories as they look at it hanging in their home. May this painting be a timeless reminder of their love and the promise of a forever love that grows and flourishes with each passing year.

Watch how this painting was created – watch video below

One of the final stages for my live wedding paintings is helping my couples select the perfect frame. Hayley and Nick’s choice of a black frame with a silver lip was the perfect choice. It not only complemented the sophisticated ambiance of the wedding but also added a touch of modernity to the classic setting. The frame effortlessly accentuated the details of the painting, drawing the eye to the movement of Hayley’s dress and Nick’s dignified posture.

This live wedding painting serves not just as a beautiful reminder of Hayley and Nick’s union but as a testament to my love for creating these extraordinary pieces. The fusion of artistry and matrimony created a visual symphony that will be cherished for generations to come.

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