Jessie and Jared’s Live Wedding Painting, Ceremony at The Newport Beach House, Newport, RI,
20 x 30″ oil painting

A perfect day for this beautiful couple -Jess and Jared at Newport Beach House in Newport RI. A true love story that can be traced back to their childhood. These two honored their parents and grandparents by carrying on their jewish heritage with a beautiful ceremony of prayer and blessings. 

May they be blessed as they step into this new chapter of life – with love, hope and faith. And for me, I couldn’t have been happier to see see my dear friends Ann and Ross give their daughter’s hand in marriage. Knowing Jessie since she was about 7 years old, I felt the heart tug and the tears fill my eyes – so proud of who she has become and filled with so much joy! Mazel Tov Jess and Jared!

Mother of Bride’s Review:

I hired Linda as a gift to my daughter and son in law. She was the first vender to arrive. She started painting right away. She uses photos and videos to aide her with the painting and she shared them with us. I was ecstatic to see the ceremony which was a blur in my memory. Our guests enjoyed interacting with her throughout the evening and I got lots of compliments about what she was doing and how talented she was. When she presented the painting to my family it was breathtaking how accurate and detailed her art was. It was absolutely gorgeous and a gift to cherish forever. I would give her the highest recommendation!

Bride Jessie’s Review:

Linda created the most special, personalized gift we received for our wedding! If you’re even considering having a live painter for your event – let this be your sign to hire Linda!! Guests couldn’t stop raving about how fun and unique the experience of seeing the painting come to life through out the night was. We even got to add our own personal touch and add details to our outfits during the reception which was so special. Linda NAILED it – We both look EXACTLY like ourselves, as well as all of our special people in the background. We cannot say enough good things about Linda’s professionalism, kindness and positive attitude which made this experience a pleasant one and I would 100% recommend her to anyone who is looking for a beautifully unique way to capture any big moment – her artwork is truly breathtaking, and seeing the completed piece brought tears to our eyes. Thank you Linda for being apart of our special day and creating magic that we will cherish forever!

End of the Evening Photo:

Back in my studio for Studio Refinements

Back in my studio I took some time analyzing the progress from the 6 hour live painting session.
Here is where I had to solve several challenges without changing the integrity of what was capture during the event.
First, adding in  7 additional figures into the painting. I decided that it would be best to add the parents and grandparents in while seated and looking over their shoulder as Jess and Jared walk down the aisle. 
In order to keep the figures close and not separated in the composition I moved the two floral arrangements to either side of the canvas. This helped to balance the composition nicely.
Every step along the way I would watch over the videos I took  numerous of the ceremony. I wanted to be reminded of the way the light illuminated and highlighted the bride’s dress, her veil, the florals and even the sun-kissed light on their faces and figures.

Small details make a big difference, and that’s why I like to take my time adding these in. Like the rose petals scattered around on the ground, and the baby’s breath and petit florals lining either side of the aisle. The hint of the chuppah cloth blowing in the wind.

As a whole, I love how this piece came together with the organic elements of nature: water, sky, distant land and green grass contrasts with the elegance and simplicity of the black and white wedding attire and florals. 

Finished Live Painting

Framed and in Room Setting

Jessie and Jared chose a classic black frame with a silver inset. Here’s their painting in a room setting.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this blog post. I love to share my latest work and the behind the scenes progress with my viewers and future clients. 

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