Live Wedding Painting of Bride and Groom dancing first dance at St. Clement's Castle Waterford Ballroom in Portland CT with family, friend and dog
Victoria and Zach’s First Dance, Live Wedding Painting, at St. Clement’s Castle, Portland, CT,
24 x 36″ oil painting

In the heart of Portland, Connecticut, lies the enchanting St. Clement’s Castle, a place where love stories come to life against a backdrop of rich history and timeless beauty. It was here that Victoria and Zach celebrated their union with a breathtaking first dance, surrounded by their dearest ones, living and in memory. As a live painter, I had the privilege of capturing this extraordinary moment, making sure to balance the intricacies of composition while embracing the couple’s vision and their beloved dog. In this blog post, we will delve into this remarkable wedding at St. Clement’s Castle, exploring its history, the couple’s unique vision, and the artistry that went into creating their cherished first dance painting.

St. Clement’s Castle, a magnificent venue nestled majestically upon the banks of the Connecticut River, offers a captivating fusion of history, elegance, and charm. With a rich tapestry of timeless architectural beauty, the castle stands as a symbol of grandeur. Its picturesque surroundings, including lush gardens, intricate stonework, and the serene river, create a fairytale-like ambiance that welcomes guests into a world of enchantment. This regal backdrop was the ideal canvas for Victoria and Zach’s celebration of love, offering a setting that seamlessly blended the romance of the past with the promise of a radiant future.​

linda marino live painter preparing canvas for painting at St. Clement's Castle in Portland CT
Linda preparing the canvas for live painting

Victoria and Zach had a vision for their first dance painting that went beyond the ordinary. They wanted to include not only their wedding party of 23 people but also their parents, siblings, and beloved grandparents who had passed away. This vision of inclusivity presented both a beautiful challenge and an opportunity for creativity.

The Art of Composition
Creating a live painting that would do justice to Victoria and Zach’s vision required extensive planning. Composition became the key to capturing every person in the scene, ensuring that each had their place in the artwork without overwhelming the central focus—the couple.

Balancing Placement
Deciding where each person should stand or sit was crucial. Ensuring that family and friends were integrated harmoniously into the frame without overshadowing Victoria and Zach was a delicate balance. Perspective and placement were meticulously planned.

The challenge of depicting family and friends from different angles was met with careful attention to detail. Ensuring that each person’s unique presence was portrayed while maintaining overall harmony was the goal. In order to do this, My husband Dean was on the scene capturing  both photos and videos of all the additional people while I focused on capturing the couple. Later back in my studio I spend hours combing through the photos and videos to find each person and the right position I wanted them in.   Victoria also had a special request to add in their grandparents and dog from photos.

​Victoria and Zach’s first dance at St. Clement’s Castle was more than a celebration; it was a testament to the power of love, family, and inclusivity. As a live painter, it was an honor to witness and capture this extraordinary day, where every person, living and in memory, played a role in the narrative. The art of composition and perspective became a canvas of creativity, ensuring that the couple’s vision was realized in every brushstroke. Love, in all its forms, took center stage in a painting that will forever be a cherished keepsake of a day filled with heartfelt moments and enduring connections.

Framed wedding painting in room setting with blue couch

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