Melinda and Brendan's romantic first dance live wedding painting by Linda Marino
Melinda and Brendan’s Live Wedding Painting, First Dance at Aria Banquet in Prospect, CT, 24 x 36″ oil painting

Stepping into the ballroom of Melinda and Brendan’s wedding at Aria Banquets in Prospect, Ct., was like entering a scene from a fairytale. As a live wedding painter, I knew instantly that this night would be filled with unforgettable moments. My mission to capture a romantic first dance live painting.

Aria, located in Prospect, CT sits on top of a hillside with beautiful views of the Connecticut landscape. Having the wonderful opportunity to paint at Aria 4 other times, I have to say, each time has always been first class. The service, food and even the other vendors.

We were in Ballroom B tonight, with its dramatic ornate staircase, marble floors, and crystal chandeliers casting a romantic glow, it was like stepping into a scene from a fairytale. The staircase was adorned with candles and florals, adding to the enchanting atmosphere of the room.

Melinda and Brendan were a joy to work with. Their love for each other was evident in every glance and every touch. When they were announced as husband and wife and made their entrance from the second floor, it was like a moment straight out of a vintage movie. Full of energy yet graceful, they descended the staircase hand in hand, with smiles that lit up the room.

Their first dance was a sight to behold. It was clear that they had put a significant amount of time into practicing and refining their dance moves. Brendan twirled, spun, lifted, and dipped his bride with ease, each movement executed with precision and grace. As they danced, I couldn’t help but feel the magic of their love radiating from the dance floor.

Choosing the perfect pose for their painting was a delightful challenge. With so many beautiful moments to capture, I wanted to ensure that both of their faces were visible and that I could convey the connection between them. My favorite moment to capture is when they are looking into each other’s eyes – it’s a powerful and intimate moment that speaks volumes about their love.

Watch the Painting Process of this Romantic First Dance

Melinda and Brendan opted for a 24 x 36″ canvas, allowing me plenty of space to capture the intricate details of the ballroom and the grandeur of their love. Once the painting was finished, I offered them my framing services. With the help of George, a wholesale framer I’ve been working with for over 12 years, we selected a frame that complemented the painting perfectly.

A Superb Vendor Team

A special shout out and thank you to Melinda and Brendan’s wonderful wedding photographer Nick Rezendes for providing additional references for me. I always appreciate when working with the other wedding vendors that we work together as a team with the ultimate goal of providing our beautiful couple with the best experience.

Seeing the finished painting framed and displayed is always a joy for me. It’s a testament to the love and happiness that Melinda and Brendan share, and I hope it will serve as a cherished memento of their special day for years to come.

As I reflect on Melinda and Brendan’s wedding, I am reminded of the power of love to create moments of pure magic. It was an honor to be a part of their special day, and I wish them nothing but a lifetime of happiness, laughter, and endless dancing.

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Wishing you all the love and magic in the world,


Kind Words from Melinda

I am so happy we chose Linda to capture our first dance at our wedding reception. I spent hours researching a live wedding painter and her work clearly stood out as a winner. I really liked that her work reflects the likeness of the couple she is painting – other live wedding artists don’t quite capture faces well, or it just looks like a very generic couple. I could tell that Linda spends a lot of time nailing facial features of her clients and that was important to me – to have something personalized from our wedding day.

Linda is very communicative and so easy to work with. Every phone call we had – it was like chatting with a friend, she really makes you feel comfortable. On our wedding day, she showed up early – during our wedding portraits and it was so nice to see her! Her and her husband, Dean, make a great team! I didn’t notice until looking back at my wedding photos, but her husband is actually capturing a lot of video footage of our wedding. Some folks even thought he was our videographer!

She was a hit at our wedding! Our guests were raving about her painting and, at that point, she wasn’t even finished with it!

When we returned home from our honeymoon, Linda reached out to discuss timelines and sent us a sneak peek of her revisions back at the studio. She was very receptive and patient with my suggested edits. I felt that my face in the painting wasn’t quite me and I also wanted some subtle details in my wedding dress added in. She took my feedback with grace and she absolutely nailed it. I also utilized the framing service she offers to her clients. She and her husband hand-delivered the painting to our home, which was so nice and very convenient! We love the final piece and we cannot wait to hang it up in our new home! I highly recommend Linda to anyone looking for an artist to capture any memorable moment, whether it be a wedding or any other type of event.