Kim and Dan’s Wedding Ceremony at The Delamar Greenwich Harbor, Greenwich CT, 20 x 24″ oil painting

As a live wedding painter, each ceremony I attend has its own unique allure, but Kim and Dan’s wedding at the Delamar Greenwich Harbor was truly something special. The picturesque venue, set against the stunning backdrop of the Greenwich Harbor, provided the perfect canvas for a day filled with love, joy, and beautiful moments.

View of the Terrace

The outdoor terrace, where the ceremony unfolded, offered a breathtaking view of sailboats lazily drifting across the harbor and the charming landscape of New England. Adorned with wrought iron railings reminiscent of classic Italian balconies and lush greenery, reminiscent of the rolling hills of Tuscany, frames the terrace, providing a natural and verdant backdrop.

As I set up my easel, I couldn’t help but be captivated by the Mediterranean-inspired charm. The gentle breeze carried the promise of a perfect day as I dipped my brush into a palette of vibrant colors, ready to capture the essence of Kim and Dan’s love story. As luck would have it, the overcast sky turned to a beautiful evening sunset as the sun peaked through the clouds and created a silver lining… aww so romantic.

Stone flooring, reminiscent of ancient Italian villas, adds a rustic touch to the terrace along with the straw roof. The subtle earthy tones of the stones harmonize with the warm hues of the surrounding landscape, creating a seamless integration of nature and architecture. The Delamar terrace, with its fusion of maritime beauty and Old World charm, became a tribute to the timelessness of Italian landscapes—a perfect stage for the unfolding love story of Kim and Dan.

Romantic Sounds

The ceremony began with the beautiful sounds of the quartet playing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons on their violins, and Kim, radiant in her wedding gown, walked down the aisle, escorted by her proud father. The terrace, adorned with delicate flowers and overlooking the harbor, created an idyllic setting for their exchange of vows.

As the night unfolded, Kim and Dan shared a well-choreographed performance that left everyone in awe but that wasn’t all. Kim and her Dad surprised everyone with an unforgettable father- daughter dance!Their dance was not just a traditional twirl around the dance floor—it was a playful, crowd cheering moment!

My favorite moment

I absolutely love the precious moment when Kim and Dan came over to the easel for the first time to see their painting. As they laid eyes on the completed painting, a collective gasp filled the air. The terrace, the harbor, and the enchanting ambiance of their special day materialized before them in a harmonious blend of colors and strokes. The sheer surprise and joy in their eyes mirrored the emotions woven into the fabric of the painting.

Eager to involve them in the artistic creation, I handed them each a paintbrush, inviting them to leave their mark on the masterpiece. With smiles that radiated genuine happiness, they delicately added a stroke, merging their personal touch with the artistically captured essence of their wedding day. This shared moment not only immortalized their union but also turned the canvas into a collaborative work of art, forever preserving the magic of their celebration.

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Studio Refinements

Back in the studio I continued to refine their painting adding in a few more details and then onto the oil layer. I just love added the oil layer on top of the acrylics.

The oils, being a slow-drying medium compared to acrylics, allowed for a depth and richness that brought an extra layer of life to the canvas. The colors blended seamlessly, capturing the nuances of light and shadow, and enhancing the overall texture of the painting. With every carefully applied stroke, the scene on the terrace came to life in a way that acrylics alone couldn’t achieve. It was a transformative moment in the creative journey, as the oils lent an undeniable warmth and timeless quality to the artwork, elevating it to a level of a fine art wedding portrait.

In concluding this artistic journey through Kim and Dan’s enchanting wedding at Delamar Greenwich Harbor, I am reminded of the transformative power of love and the ability of art to immortalize its most precious moments. The Delamar terrace, painted with the strokes of an Italian dreamscape, became the stage for a celebration that transcended time. As the oils infused warmth and depth into the canvas, the painting not only captured the essence of the day but also embraced the enduring quality of the couple’s love.

If you’re envisioning a live painting experience for your own special day, I would be honored to contribute to be part of your wedding day. Each stroke reflects the unique story that unfolds when love meets art. To begin the journey of bringing your wedding to life on canvas, I invite you to fill out the inquiry form. Let’s create a masterpiece together and ensure that your wedding day is forever captured in the brushstrokes of lasting memories. I look forward to the opportunity of being part of your wedding celebration.