Live Wedding Painting of Lauren and Jake’s wedding ceremony, at Botanical Center, Roger Williams Park, Providence RI, 20 x 24″, oil painting

As a live wedding painter, I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing love stories unfold in some of the most enchanting settings, but there’s something truly magical about painting amidst the lush greenery of the Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park in Providence, Rhode Island. In this blog post, I’m excited to share my personal experience of creating a live painting for Lauren and Jake’s wedding at this stunning location, set amidst the historical beauty of the park’s botanical gardens. Join me on a journey through nature’s wonders and heartfelt love, as I bring their special day to life on canvas.

The Botanical Gardens at Roger Williams Park:

Roger Williams Park is not just a park; it’s an expansive, historic landscape spanning 427 acres in Providence, Rhode Island. Named after the city’s founder, Roger Williams, this park is a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. Within this sprawling urban oasis lies the gem that is the Botanical Gardens.

The Botanical Gardens are a testament to the beauty of nature and the artistry of horticulture. They house an impressive collection of over 1500 species of plants from around the world, making it a paradise for plant enthusiasts, nature lovers, and, in this case, lovers tying the knot amidst vibrant greenery.

Lauren and Jake’s wedding was a celebration of love set in the heart of the Botanical Gardens. This breathtaking backdrop was more than just a venue; it was a stage for their love story. The park’s historical charm blended seamlessly with the lush, vibrant gardens, creating an atmosphere that was both romantic and timeless.

Creating a Live Wedding Painting:

As I set up my easel amidst the lush surroundings, I was immediately struck by the vibrant array of colors and the serene ambiance of the gardens. The botanical gardens provided a harmonious setting for Lauren and Jake’s wedding ceremony and reception. The charming garden pathways, fragrant blossoms, and variation of natural flora added an air of elegance to their special day.

The heart of my work as a live wedding painter is to capture the essence of the moment in real-time. The artistry of their love was illuminated by the soft glow of the gardens, and as the ceremony unfolded, I painted the magic of the moment, their first kiss.

As the night moved on and the party continued inside the conservatory, I set up my easel in a nook nestled among the greenery and close to the dance floor. When the dinner and speeches finished, everyone moved into the two story atrium for dancing and entertainment. As band’s kicked off with an lively beat, the guests roared with cheer as the bride and groom entered the dance floor ready for their first dance.

Studio Refinements

Back in my studio, I was able to take a good look at the colors and composition in natural light. It can be quit challenging to paint in these beautiful spaces. Whether it’s the lighting conditions or a confined area, knowing I have the chance to make the proper alterations after the wedding in my studio is a big relief for me.

This was definitely a study of greens and I’m always up for that color mixing challenge. I am thankful for the years I spent “plein air painting” a french word for “out in the open” or “outdoor painting”. This has been a key to successfully capturing the variations in greens this magnificent garden has to offer.

After finishing up the acrylic stage I will then move to the oil stage. Every wedding painting goes through this two stage process. In the oil stage I add several layers of light oil glazes to enhance the luminosity and bring out the subtle shades of color. I like to work in transparent oils that give a nice rich depth to the painting. I also love completing each painting in oils because oils paints have been a tradition in portrait painting for hundreds of years.

The final stage is to varnish the painting with a gloss varnish to protect the oil paints and preserve this memory painting for years to come.

I absolutely love being a live wedding painter. It’s a remarkable privilege to witness and capture the raw, unfiltered emotions of a couple’s special day through my art. The atmosphere at weddings is always charged with love, excitement, and anticipation, and I get to translate those emotions onto canvas, creating a unique masterpiece that will be cherished for a lifetime. The joy of being part of such a significant event and creating a tangible memory for couples is truly fulfilling, and I couldn’t imagine a more rewarding way to express my passion for art.

Thank you for reading to the end – and being apart of my creative art journey –